I was born in Faido (Ticino) in April 1974 and have been married since 2009.

Barbara Lupi

Barbara Lupi

Founder & CEO


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Thanks first and foremost to my mother’s teachings, I learned to treat myself using “granny’s home remedies”. I then began to develop my own inner passion for natural medicine, attending seminars on healing and personal development.

After finishing Science High School, I enrolled at the Faculty of Clinical Curative Pedagogy at the University of Fribourg, so that I could also focus on social studies. At the same time I also attended courses on Bach flower remedies and Aqua Balancing.

During my last years at university I also had an opportunity to learn a great deal about the culture of native Americans, personally got to know a number of shamans and participated in numerous healing rituals with them. This occasion resulted from my having attended a centre open to the public, in which there was a small village (Dragonfly Centre) with some tepees (typical tents of the native nomadic Sioux tribes), in which different activities took place, including encounters and seminars with American Indians.

As time went by and my university studies came to an end, I went from being a frequent visitor to the centre to making it my home (for about a year and a half) and I became actively involved in all activities.

This wonderful adventure had a profound impact on me and allowed me to create a very strong bond with nature, awakening a visceral connection with the earth in me.

I then worked for some years as a teacher at an institute for people with disabilities, during which I also attended the school of chromopuncture run by Peter Mandel.

I qualified as a therapist in 2000 and subsequently began attending all kinds of seminars on, for example, energy regeneration, moxibustion and crystal healing.

In 2002 I opened the “Frammenti di luce” (Fragments of Light) natural therapies studio as an independent therapist, while continuing my studies of the infinite world of alternative medicine, attending courses which included: laying on of hands; spagyria (plant-based alchemical remedies); anointing oils; crystal therapy with the twelve stones of Jerusalem and somatic experiencing.

In 2009 I completed technical medical school and passed my cantonal exams with flying colours, qualifying as complementary therapist.

One of the things that has featured prominently in my journey through life has been a passion for training. In recent years my interest in this has grown to point that I have also attended courses in coaching, team management, corporate marketing and effective communication, among others.