About Bloom Sisters

We are two sisters born into a family with a profound respect for and contact with nature. We grew up in an open-air environment and we have always been treated with natural remedies.

Ever since she was a young girl, our mother had a passion for medicinal herbs and she took several courses with Ermanno Valli (a very famous Ticino herbalist); she passed this passion on to us, teaching us how to recognise plants and how to use them.

Our Awesome Team

Barbara Lupi

Barbara Lupi

Founder & CEO

Thanks first and foremost to my mother’s teachings, I learned to treat myself using “granny’s home remedies”. I then began to develop my own inner passion for natural medicine, attending seminars on healing and personal development.

Pamela Lupi

Pamela Lupi

Founder & CEO

Having completed my university studies, I spent a year working with a deaf child and then two years as a speech therapist at a public facility. I eventually decided to open my own private practice, which would give me greater freedom in general, and where I am still working today.

Thanks to the education we received from our parents and our growth path, we share a number of values that for us are real cornerstones:

Our Values

Every person who comes into our life gives us the possibility to learn something and grow, and it is important for ourselves to welcome them with harmony.


We believe that learning to love and accept ourselves and others is a process.

It is a journey that calls for commitment and constant effort in trying not to take account of judgments, prejudices and expectations that crop up  in our minds in an impulsive and uncontrolled way, and in remembering that each person seeks to offer and do their best.

We welcome life and all its experiences with the awareness that every situation has a precise purpose. Embracing even the most most arduous situations oriented towards possible solutions allows us to live in greater harmony.
We respect all people, animals, nature and everything that exists. Respect for nature is the first step towards respect for oneself and humankind.
The health of the body goes hand in hand with that of the mind and spirit; if these three components were to make up a wheel, it would be round and it would turn properly, solely in balance with each other.
For us, sharing is a natural action.
Our philosophy is: “Giving to others creates no void in me, no lacking, because I am abundance, like every other human being, and the act of sharing is in itself a constant flow that creates neither deficiencies nor abundances, but merely produces harmony”.

We love to appreciate every little thing, like a complex, rich and extraordinary event, managing to maintain that innocence which is usually only found in children.